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like sheep

Like sheep we follow Ignoring the other’s cries Till they come for us After this past week, I fear (even more than I did before) for the survival of our democracy. When we allow the president to act outside the law, how can we claim to be a nation of laws. When we actively persecute… Continue reading like sheep

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Metaphorically Speaking …

thick skin, hard to peel sweet and juicy underneath am I an orange? I’m currently in research mode, so the book on my desk is Raymond Arsenault’s St. Petersburg and the Florida Dream. Following Linda's  directions, I closed my eyes, flipped it open, and pointed. I landed on the description of a photo from circa… Continue reading Metaphorically Speaking …

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once again …

moments of silence commemorating the dead kneeling silently to send our thoughts and prayers silent bows of surrender Once again ... twelve more murders to add to our list of shame. Twelve more people gone because our so-called leaders refuse to stand up to the NRA. Twelve more deaths that will be met with the… Continue reading once again …

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Already Lost

the battle goes on but we've already lost  as bullets rain down This month marks the the anniversary of the Kent State and Jackson State killings. This week, another shooter shot up another campus and the week before that another shooter shot up ... and so on and so on.... Plus, I live in Florida… Continue reading Already Lost

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Florida Headline News

Boone spent weeks rigging up a harness for Cody. Teaching him to point and pull the cord when it got close. Then BAM! Dead alligator. Hero dog. He’d record it. Go viral. Rake in the big bucks. He was partly right. It did go viral. Just google the headline “Alligator shoots man after eating dog.”… Continue reading Florida Headline News

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The American Way

Is This the American Way? Enough is enough! But Freedom Ain’t Free They Scream Now Ready Aim Fire And Slaughter Just One More Child It’s the American Way  Yesterday, the March For Our Lives: Road to Change Rally  came to town. Students from local Pinellas County high schools joined with students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas to demand their… Continue reading The American Way

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Less Guns. Guns that Shoot Less.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been thinking a lot about guns lately. Thinking and feeling impotent. I want to believe we can do better. Find a path that leads to less. Less blood. Less death. Less heartache. Less shame. I’ve contacted my legislators. I’ve marched for Our Lives. Surely, I hope, that will make… Continue reading Less Guns. Guns that Shoot Less.