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Doctor Who Fan Girl

Favorite Doctor? Converse high tops or bow ties? Bad Wolf or the Impossible Girl? Furrowed brows or wibbly wobbly time? Fantastic, Allons-y, or Geronimo? Sonic screwdriver or Sonic sunglasses? Still not a Ginger or I don’t want to go. WINNER! Linda's JusJuJan SoCS Challenge to write about television made me think of my favorite show (Doctor… Continue reading Doctor Who Fan Girl

Haiku & Other Poetry

It’s Christmas Time or Memories that Tingle

Sparkling Tinsel Adorning The Tiniest Tree A Star Of Tinfoil   Cast From Tinkerbell’s Wand  As The Tin Man Found His Heart  Christmas memories (of Christmas trees, homemade ornaments, Sunday nights with The Wonderful World of Disney, and our annual viewing of The Wizard of Oz) inspired by Linda's SoCS challenge to use TIN as our prompt. And… Continue reading It’s Christmas Time or Memories that Tingle

Haiku & Other Poetry

The Music Stills

to fly is a gift an eruption to behold till gravity speaks in its imperious voice and stills the music of flight That (this) darn cannon was still on my mind this morning. So my tanka offering is a mash up between yesterday’s story (and word prompts) and today’s. Cheating? Maybe. But I woke up… Continue reading The Music Stills

Flash Fiction

The Breakwater

She sat on the breakwater and hoped the sound of the waves would soothe her. His words hadn’t. “In between the clover and the dampened earth.” That’s how the minister described it. Sounded poetic. Nicer than “here’s where we buried her body.” But that was reality. Ma was dead. And no pretty words were going… Continue reading The Breakwater

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Old Eyes New Fringe

She blinked at her reflection. Was she destined to always be cast in the role of “mother”? Hell she thought. Let’s rock-n-roll. Chopping as she stared at her old eyes under the new fringe. (34 words exactly) The Battle of the Bang. I know it well! I've spent a life time chopping and growing and… Continue reading Old Eyes New Fringe

My Random Thoughts and Misc Ramblings

To Do Lists

Yesterday’s To Do List disrupt the status quo smash the patriarchy be an ally shatter the glass ceiling practice intersectional feminism crack open the captivating confines of my privilege be civil Today’s To Do List disrupt the status quo smash the patriarchy be an ally shatter the glass ceiling practice intersectional feminism crack open the… Continue reading To Do Lists

Haiku & Other Poetry


Burning blue So hot I am almost translucent But I want to be … Unseen Impalpable Concealed Hidden from eyes that watch Obscured from those that see. Invisible Consumed Today's Writing Origin Story: Procrastinating from the work I am supposed to be doing, I turned to my Word Press Reader. No intentions of blog writing.… Continue reading Consumed

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Two Days BEFORE Dawn

Can we do it?! The Road Trip Triangle (as mentioned in previous post) had begun! Back to back: 613 miles and then 627 miles We shall see ... Day one began before dawn as we turned onto the highway--just a bit behind schedule-- at 6:08AM! Eleven hours later we arrived in Birmingham after enjoying one… Continue reading Two Days BEFORE Dawn

Flash Fiction

Unlock Her Heart

“To find what you seek, unlock the castle doors. Precious beyond words. But only words will open the way.” “Open sesame!” “Abracadabra” “Shazam” No luck. Jane’s heart was trapped behind those doors and they’d made it a game. But she was good at games. Think! Hours passed. Then she remembered. Gandalf! Say friend and enter!… Continue reading Unlock Her Heart