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The Head Beside Me

I’ve been taking a sculpture class (read more about that at Great Cheeks! ) and before the world collapsed and it got canceled I managed to get my first piece fired. I brought it home and on Friday I “bronzed” it (using acrylic paints ) as part of our first pandemic-sponsored-at-home-art-day. Behold it in all… Continue reading The Head Beside Me

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welcome to the new age

we muddle through it to greet a new age with love and live life once more Photo credit: me In keeping with Linda's SoCS's dictate to do minimal editing, I wrote this 16 word (17 syllable) haiku on the fly but I think it captures the essence of my (our?) world right now. Peace. And… Continue reading welcome to the new age

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Great Cheeks!

Today, I offer a “tongue in cheek” look behind the scenes of my budding career as a sculptor.* “Is that your first sculpture?” He asked. That’s a bit of a cheeky question, I thought before replying: “Yes. Hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s so life-like. And look at those cheek bones!” “Erm … yes. They… Continue reading Great Cheeks!

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Sweet or salty? I choose both. Sometimes the simplest choices have profound meaning. Inspiration thanks to Linda's SoCs word prompt "choices" and to Soul Searcher's challenge to tell a story in six words using the prompt "sugar." Visit their sites for other great contributions and to get the skinny on the rules.

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Metaphorically Speaking …

thick skin, hard to peel sweet and juicy underneath am I an orange? I’m currently in research mode, so the book on my desk is Raymond Arsenault’s St. Petersburg and the Florida Dream. Following Linda's  directions, I closed my eyes, flipped it open, and pointed. I landed on the description of a photo from circa… Continue reading Metaphorically Speaking …

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once again …

moments of silence commemorating the dead kneeling silently to send our thoughts and prayers silent bows of surrender Once again ... twelve more murders to add to our list of shame. Twelve more people gone because our so-called leaders refuse to stand up to the NRA. Twelve more deaths that will be met with the… Continue reading once again …

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on adverbs and outrage

truly, madly, deeply … a song truly, madly, deeply … a movie (with Alan Rickman!) truly, madly, deeply … a partial list of adverbs to be avoided if you want to be a “real” writer (according to conventional “wisdom”) truly, madly, deeply … a partial list of adverbs that inadequately qualify and/or modify how truly,… Continue reading on adverbs and outrage