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Thanks for visiting, so about me …

“Who is “me”? Well … I always freak a little bit when I have to write bio for myself. Which is ironic, considering that’s what I do! I’ve written two biographies. And I write a column for a local magazine called “People of St Pete.” I’m great at writing about other people. But me? Not so much.

What to include? What to avoid? Do I mention my 30-plus year marriage or that I don’t have kids, by choice? Or will that alienate some people? Do I provide C.V. type rundown of my accomplishments as a professor? Or is that just obnoxious? Do I say I’m a hardcore lefty agnostic pragmatic (yet idealistic) intersectional feminist? Or do my failures to always live up to that description make it a lie? Do I share my blue-collar upbringing? Or is that just pandering? Do I talk about my love for wine and dark chocolate? Or is that just too cliché? How about my thoughts on cats and dogs? (Hate the former. Love the latter. But have none.) Or will that cat hate forever brand me as unreadable? Do I tell y’all I’m funny, when no evidence of that exists in this post? I get so twisted up in trying to figure out who I am that I freak, a bit. But I’m gonna give it a try, so ….

I am a former history professor, archivist, loan officer, bartender, waitress, house cleaner, movie theater ticket seller, gun club trap setter and skeet puller, baby sitter, and Candy Striper.

I am a married middle-class middle-aged cisgendered straight white woman. I’m 50 (plus) and invisible to most men, millennials, and whatever we’re calling the newbies (gen y gen z gen next??). But I am here. I walk among you!

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and mentor.

Lastly (or firstly) I am a writer. I write about all sorts of things, which is why this website has no defining theme beyond “me.”  Or more precisely things that interest me or enrage me or amuse me. Sometimes I’ll write about serious stuff (like gun controls and racial injustice and sexism) and sometimes I’ll write about not-so-serious stuff (like pigs). I hope some of you visit my blog and read some of my stuff.

Thanks and peace.


33 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Tina,
    I saw your mother at Dr. Totel’s office yesterday. She caught me up on your retirement and move. I am happy you have found a great place to live and write.
    You are trying to find ways to cope with this trump (I can’t even bear to capitalize his name) era as are we. We watch a lot of Colbert..
    I haven’t read your 2nd book yet but am eager to read your novel.
    Best wishes,
    Chuck (Mr. Force)

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  2. I think you wrote a phenomenal, intriguing, and funny bio, Tina! Maybe that’s a testament to how a lot of us overthink and doubt ourselves too much when all we really need to do is just…DO something. It seems all you needed to do was just write 🙂

    I’m glad to have met you on WordPress and look forward to reading your posts!

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  3. Well I just read this and immediately adore you.
    Because you taught me a new word.
    (And you seem cool.)
    But, in my innocence, I had never realised there was any need for the word ‘cisgender’.
    The world continues to baffle me, and I am happy.

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    1. 😊 I AM cool 😎😉 Or does claiming it negate my coolness? 🤪 Seriously- thanks but I think nerdy or dorky probably fits me better. Oh wait. Those things ARE cool. So we have circled back to cool. 😎 Excellent. And for me, labeling myself as cisgender is one way of reminding others that we shouldn’t assume a default “normal” gender. Basically, not labeling myself as white or straight or cis… lends itself to the argument that there’s no need to label me because I’m not an “other.” See… like I said. Nerdy. 🤓


  4. It is really intresting biography and I can see a woman of experience in various segments and in age wise..I like you profile and writing…keep going on Tina..happy that I got to know about while crossing the various bloggers😊

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  5. The one thing you didn’t tell me is where in the world you are, and that is the bit that presses my buttons. How am I gonna come and meet you otherwise? Joke! America, huh? Nice to meet you anyways 🙂 🙂

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      1. I don’t know Illinois at all but we did once spend the mandatory 2 weeks in Florida. One week at Disney with the… oh, I don’t remember…7 year old? Then across to St. Pete’s via Cypressa Gardens… which is no more 😦


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