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Nothing could have prepared Sue for the surge. She had always known she was different but this …. This was more than different. This was some freak level stuff. She could feel the agitated hum of the crowd as they realized something wasn’t right. And then a shift. Subtle at first. Agitation turning into fear.… Continue reading Nothing

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raging in the light

burning with fever sweet dreams spin into nightmares raging in the light Today's haiku was inspired by our current situation, the Global Climate Strike, and one of my favorites - Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge. Our words are fever and fierce (for which I subbed in raging). Listen to the scientists and the kids!

Haiku & Other Poetry, Random Rants, tutto e niente


Burning blue So hot I am almost translucent But I want to be … Unseen Impalpable Concealed Hidden from eyes that watch Obscured from those that see. Invisible Consumed Today's Writing Origin Story: Procrastinating from the work I am supposed to be doing, I turned to my Word Press Reader. No intentions of blog writing.… Continue reading Consumed