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Upon Reflection

Upon reflection The fruit of the vine consumed the sage inside her Maybe it's because I'm doing Dry January, but my mind immediately went to wine when I saw vine! Anyway ... thanks to Ronovan Writes for the vine/sage prompt and thanks to Linda's Just Jot January Challenge and Janet Smiles for the extra help and prompt (reflection).

Haiku & Other Poetry


Youth’s Mementos Floating through a grass filled sky   Like the white winged dove   Today's prompts (grass / dove/ memento) immediately launched my mind back to my wayward youth. So thanks for the memories Ronovan Writes and Linda's Just Jot January Challenge and Daisy Smile Face And thanks to Stevie for being Stevie! White Winged Dove

Haiku & Other Poetry


find new year’s hope by seeking revolution   rising from the ash Thanks to Ronovan Writes for the word inspiration (seek/find). And here's hoping for a new and better year--where people come together and create change. Let this be the year that sees him (and his enablers) gone! Peace.

Haiku & Other Poetry

Mirror Image

he lives for today to exist in the moment a mirror image of who he once was, could be an instant captured, pending It's tanka time! Thanks to the following for the challenging but fun prompts! Check out their sites for details. Fandango's FOWC (pending) and Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge (exist/today) and Putting My Feet… Continue reading Mirror Image

Haiku & Other Poetry

Heart’s Desire

When all fear is lost And your passion reigns as queen The desired heart wins   This little piece was inspired by the fabulous photo provided by The Haunted Wordsmith It made me think: What was she thinking as she looked over her shoulder? Was she considering what her life could be or could have been… Continue reading Heart’s Desire

Haiku & Other Poetry

An “Old-Fashioned” Wedding or Becoming Mrs. Right

truthfully she pledged to “love honor and obey” then parody died Thanks to FOWC and Ronovan Writes for the prompts. And for the record, this is not a reflection on my marriage, which is alive and happy,  maybe because we never promised to "obey."  😉    

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Dangerous Dreams

in danger of hope we resolve not to question the dream of all dreams I live in Florida, so if you live in the States (or follow American politics) then you’ll understand my mood this morning. Careening between anger and despair. Trying to find hope by either looking closer to home (I’m proud of my… Continue reading Dangerous Dreams

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Behind the Blue Pane (in Two Parts)

I haven't felt much like writing the last few days. Too much ... too much sadness and badness and hopelessness. No doubt that's why when I WAS inspired to write today, it's a bit dark. Doubly dark. So it's a two for one today: flash fiction AND a haiku. PART ONE: FLASH FICTION  It had… Continue reading Behind the Blue Pane (in Two Parts)