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once again …

moments of silence
commemorating the dead

kneeling silently
to send our thoughts and prayers

silent bows of surrender


Once again … twelve more murders to add to our list of shame. Twelve more people gone because our so-called leaders refuse to stand up to the NRA. Twelve more deaths that will be met with the useless platitudes. Twelve more families to add to the seemingly unending list.  Twelve more ….

Thanks to Linda’s SoCS prompt for giving me a forum for my silent screaming.

7 thoughts on “once again …”

  1. Oh wow, this si so powerful! Thanks for saying this. I’m already for gun control, but I hope your message reaches at least one person who may need to be convinced.

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  2. Honestly, they asked for prayer intentions at church on Sunday and I couldn’t even bring myself to say this out loud. Plenty of prayers in my heart but I cannot hear even one more time “thoughts and prayers” without *something* being done. 💛

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