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thoughts of yesterday (a haiku)

memories unbound dusky hunger-sated nights giving way at dawn Image Credit: Lovers by Harry Hollard, 1982 Inspired by the image provided by Mind Love Misery Menagerie's Photo Challenge and Word Craft Poetry poet's choice.   

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defying destiny (a tanka)

seeking to avoid an unchosen destiny she slips through the gap like a whisper in the night a bounded servant no more I love cemeteries. A recent visit to the historic Oaklawn Cemetery in Tampa inspired thoughts about escaping an unwanted destiny; whether that fate is death or something else is up to the reader… Continue reading defying destiny (a tanka)

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one phone to rule them …

The cord stretching tight “Shut up David it’s my turn” Giggles and whispers Beep! Call waiting (no don’t go) Crying, as he said goodbye   Today at NaPoWriMo our prompt asks us to move backwards in time away from such modern contrivances as podcasts and write a poem that features forgotten technology. This immediately brought… Continue reading one phone to rule them …

Haiku & Other Poetry, tutto e niente

like smoke

memories held tight ‘til like a viper they rise unfurling like smoke I’ve been largely AWOL this past month for various reasons but I’m trying to reengage, so thanks to the following for inspiring me to do a bit-o-thinking and writing. Shout out to my always favorite haiku challenge at Ronovan Writes and to the MLMM… Continue reading like smoke

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Don’t Call Me Daisy

Awaiting their time To spread their wings and take flight The dashing pair sleep This buggy haiku was inspired by seeing these rascals (pictured above) firmly stuck to the side of a building last night while walking home from dinner. Social media posting help me identify them as dasychira meridionalis. Honestly I’m still creeped out… Continue reading Don’t Call Me Daisy