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Women: We Get Things Done

Between the sell/buy/move chaos and my current haiku obsession I’ve neglected to share links for some of the stuff I’ve been doing for my day-job. I may go back to some prior months in the days to come, but for today I’m going to stick to this month's work, which (somewhat ironically) means I’m stepping… Continue reading Women: We Get Things Done

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a new day

a new day begins ~ unfurling a path to choose ~ hero or coward ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Every day we make a million little choices that define who we are. Those choices built on each other and create a picture of "self." It's tempting to assume at some point that our picture is done. We confidently… Continue reading a new day

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#FreePress is NOT the Enemy

Just a reminder that Stalin (as well as some other really really horrible people) was fond of using the phrase vrog naroda or "enemy of the people/nation" to describe anyone who didn't agree with him. Those people often ended up dead or in labor/prison camps. Let' s hope we're on a better road than that.… Continue reading #FreePress is NOT the Enemy

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The American Way

Is This the American Way? Enough is enough! But Freedom Ain’t Free They Scream Now Ready Aim Fire And Slaughter Just One More Child It’s the American Way  Yesterday, the March For Our Lives: Road to Change Rally  came to town. Students from local Pinellas County high schools joined with students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas to demand their… Continue reading The American Way

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This is Not a Haiku

Haikus Calm my Mind Structure and Form Soothe My Soul With the World Gone Mad   OK. I lied. That IS a haiku. But this post is not just a haiku. It’s about writing. Specifically it’s about how creating haikus is helping me practice self-care in a chaotic world. As a control-freak, I thrive on… Continue reading This is Not a Haiku

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A Haiku of Hope

Like so many of you, I am reeling. Dread keeps washing over me wave after wave after wave. Dan Rather encourages me to stay #steady and keep up my #courage. John Lewis reminds me of the importance of #goodtrouble. And Rebecca Solnit demands that we not fall into despair. Instead we must ACT and create… Continue reading A Haiku of Hope

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It’s Haiku Time Again!

Sometimes when my anger and frustration over the state of the world gets to me, I write haikus. They soothe me for some crazy reason. So here's my latest. Enjoy. Despair. Rage Against the machine. HAIKU TO THE END (IN THREE PARTS) Part One He, as a False King Dictates False Flag Bows to He… Continue reading It’s Haiku Time Again!