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once again …

moments of silence commemorating the dead kneeling silently to send our thoughts and prayers silent bows of surrender Once again ... twelve more murders to add to our list of shame. Twelve more people gone because our so-called leaders refuse to stand up to the NRA. Twelve more deaths that will be met with the… Continue reading once again …

Haiku & Other Poetry


Wanted: All Wizards With Foolish Incantations And Sage Spells To Spare To Gather All Your Powers And Align The Stars Again      This fun little tanka was brought to you thanks to the inspiration of FOWC (power) and Putting My Feet in the Dirt's fabulous phrase "foolish incantations" which seemed to go hand-in-hand with Sue's photo prompt. Thanks y'all!

Haiku & Other Poetry

The Bite of a Rose

a promise broken (like the bouquet of a rose, as sweet as sugar, veiling the sting of the thorn) leaves a bitter bite Inspiration for today's tanka comes from Ronovan Writes and Sue's Photo Prompt. Sorry to Sue for taking her beautiful photo to a bit of a dark place, but that's where the combo of sugar and… Continue reading The Bite of a Rose

Haiku & Other Poetry

Paris on my Mind

Dreaming of the past When lanterns blazed the night sky    And stars sparkled bright Illuming a boundless hope For tomorrow’s future   In the midst of all the terrible awful horrible things happening in the good ol' USA, I have been feeling a bit hopeless. I've also been thinking (dreaming) of traveling (escaping). Sadly… Continue reading Paris on my Mind

Haiku & Other Poetry

Santa’s Very Good Bad Night

up the flue he flew but like a bird on a wire he plunged to the ground as the sleigh lifted in flight and Santa cedes to the "flu" 'Twas the weeks after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring ... except for some odd drunk Santa inspiration thanks to Linda's Just… Continue reading Santa’s Very Good Bad Night

Haiku & Other Poetry

It’s Christmas Time or Memories that Tingle

Sparkling Tinsel Adorning The Tiniest Tree A Star Of Tinfoil   Cast From Tinkerbell’s Wand  As The Tin Man Found His Heart  Christmas memories (of Christmas trees, homemade ornaments, Sunday nights with The Wonderful World of Disney, and our annual viewing of The Wizard of Oz) inspired by Linda's SoCS challenge to use TIN as our prompt. And… Continue reading It’s Christmas Time or Memories that Tingle

Haiku & Other Poetry

The Music Stills

to fly is a gift an eruption to behold till gravity speaks in its imperious voice and stills the music of flight That (this) darn cannon was still on my mind this morning. So my tanka offering is a mash up between yesterday’s story (and word prompts) and today’s. Cheating? Maybe. But I woke up… Continue reading The Music Stills

Haiku & Other Poetry

Mirror Image

he lives for today to exist in the moment a mirror image of who he once was, could be an instant captured, pending It's tanka time! Thanks to the following for the challenging but fun prompts! Check out their sites for details. Fandango's FOWC (pending) and Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge (exist/today) and Putting My Feet… Continue reading Mirror Image