Flash Fiction


Where the hell was that girl with his whiskey? It was cold in the courtyard. And drafty. But they wouldn’t let him smoke inside. And he really needed one. It was his first in six months so he probably didn’t need it so much as he wanted it. But right now he wasn’t in the… Continue reading Rejection

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a love story

~~~~Brian & Tina: a love story ~~~~ lavender lipstick ~ met Converse high tops and tux ~ a love story told ~ Many many years ago, a girl met a boy at a bar. All summer long, they drank rum and danced to David Bowie and sang with the Heads. Then summer ended. But the… Continue reading a love story

Flash Fiction, My Random Thoughts and Misc Ramblings

Clowns & Moms Don’t Win the Prize

I don't normally write short stories. It's just not my thing. But St Pete's local literary organization (shout out to Keep St Pete Lit!) sponsored a short story contest as part of its festival of all things literary called the Sun Lit Festival. So I entered. As you may have surmised from the blog's title,… Continue reading Clowns & Moms Don’t Win the Prize