Flash Fiction, Haiku & Other Poetry, tutto e niente

quixotic musings

Am I a dreamer?

Still full of hope as I yearn.      

Or am I a clown?

Yes, says the face in the glass

with your destiny foretold.  


Image courtesy of Forgottenx at DeviantArt

I’m not sure that this piece fits perfectly into any of the challenges that inspired me today. So apologies if I’ve miscategorized things!

All I can say, is that the combination of Fandango’s FOWC (body, which I loosely subbed in “face in the mirror”),  Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge photo, and Sammi’s Challenge (to use the word quixotic, which I took as the entire theme) DID inspire me and, thus, this 26-word call and response story / tanka was born. (Side note: I love to throw in a good THUS or THEREFORE or NEVERTHELESS ….)

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