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The Music Stills

to fly is a gift an eruption to behold till gravity speaks in its imperious voice and stills the music of flight That (this) darn cannon was still on my mind this morning. So my tanka offering is a mash up between yesterday’s story (and word prompts) and today’s. Cheating? Maybe. But I woke up… Continue reading The Music Stills

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buon viaggio*

It happened every time. It was like a gift that kept on giving. It had been more than fifty years but every time Peter saw the damn thing it felt like yesterday. He could still feel the shame of that moment. Susan knew this. But she still insisted they all go to the Ringling Museum… Continue reading buon viaggio*

Flash Fiction, Random Rants, tutto e niente

Clowns & Moms Don’t Win the Prize

I don't normally write short stories. It's just not my thing. But St Pete's local literary organization (shout out to Keep St Pete Lit!) sponsored a short story contest as part of its festival of all things literary called the Sun Lit Festival. So I entered. As you may have surmised from the blog's title,… Continue reading Clowns & Moms Don’t Win the Prize