Haiku & Other Poetry, Random Rants, tutto e niente

The Music Stills

to fly is a gift

an eruption to behold

till gravity speaks

in its imperious voice

and stills the music of flight

b & w

That (this) darn cannon was still on my mind this morning. So my tanka offering is a mash up between yesterday’s story (and word prompts) and today’s. Cheating? Maybe. But I woke up with it half formed in mind and it needed to be finished! Check out yesterday’s Flash Fiction for the companion story. It explains the cannon 😉 https://tinastewartbrakebill.com/2018/12/07/buon-viaggio/

So thanks again to yesterday’s prompts at WOTD (eruption) and One Daily Prompt (gift)

And today’s prompts from One Daily Prompt (imperious) and Linda’s SoCS (musical)

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