Haiku & Other Poetry, tutto e niente

The Bite of a Rose

a promise broken (like the bouquet of a rose, as sweet as sugar, veiling the sting of the thorn) leaves a bitter bite Inspiration for today's tanka comes from Ronovan Writes and Sue's Photo Prompt. Sorry to Sue for taking her beautiful photo to a bit of a dark place, but that's where the combo of sugar and… Continue reading The Bite of a Rose

Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Cassie & Nessie (Part II)

I didn’t plan a Part II but when the muse strikes …. You can find the original Cassie & Nessie here. And now the story continues ... Not for the first time, Liam stared at Cassie and wondered if being in a coma was like dreaming. Months had passed since they found her floating face-down… Continue reading Cassie & Nessie (Part II)