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Cassie & Nessie (Part II)

I didn’t plan a Part II but when the muse strikes …. You can find the original Cassie & Nessie here.

And now the story continues …

Not for the first time, Liam stared at Cassie and wondered if being in a coma was like dreaming.

Months had passed since they found her floating face-down in the Loch. And still no indication that she was ever going to surface again. Sad? Yes. But, really, probably for the best.

She had spent the past twenty years researching. Believing. And then the story broke.

 Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

She had been so angry.

Screaming at him. Accusing him of betraying her for money. Screeching really. It had NOT been attractive. Ugly really.

Earsplitting shrieking. “Nellie’s not a commodity. She’s not for sale!” So obsessed with that damn fish. So worried that the publicity would endanger Nessie.

And now. This.


It would break her heart.

Plus he couldn’t be sure she hadn’t seen him at the Loch that day.

She looked so lovely now. It really would be best if she never surfaced.  

underwater photography of woman
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Thanks to Crimson’s Creative Challenge for providing the photo by Crispina Kemp. I’m not sure what the photo actually depicts but to me it was poor Nessie’s bones. (And it comes in at a tight 147 words.)

And thanks for additional push to One Daily Prompt (believe)

And of course a big thanks to the original inspiration, a Friday Fictioners challenge from last month and the photo by C.E. Ayr.

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