Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Cassie & Nessie

Cassie’s brain was spinning as she gazed at the Loch. Liam! An asshole and a coward. Starts this and then takes a powder. That headline also pissed her off. “Woman”! We’re NOT interchangeable. But it was those damn marks around ‘proves’ that really did it. She was not some kind of random wacko going on and about Big Foot or some other nonsense! She was bona fide PhD and an expert on deep water life forms. Her thoughts circled back to Liam. He was such an idiot. The paper was still in its draft stages. Not ready for publication. What possessed him to sell the story to that rag! Twitter was having a field day. She’d never be taken seriously now. Years of work. The data. All for nothing. She’d be another footnote in the line of nutcases obsessed with “Nessie.” All anyone would remember was that stupid photo. She knew it wasn’t real but it had inspired her life’s work. Now it was all over. Fitting she was at the place it all started. The Loch. As she stared, its surface stirred. And her brain spun.

Liam stared at Cassie and wondered. Was being in a coma like dreaming?

underwater photography of woman
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Visit the greats sites that inspired this piece of Flash Fiction:

Fandango’s FOWC (coma) and Scotts Daily Prompt (powder) and Sunday’s Photo Fictioner’s 200 word photo challenge

Cover Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

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