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Still She Persists



the steps rise steeper

as her tomorrows decline      

yet still she persists



I saw Helene’s What Do You See Challenge directly after reading the news of yet another infuriating decision to exert control over women. I am struggling to retain hope for a future where (as a woman) I am considered to be a person not merely a vessel to be used then tossed aside. So this is as hopeful as I can get this morning.

And to all those who insist on sticking their business in my uterus, I say …


15 thoughts on “Still She Persists”

  1. Stick the finger up your … you dumbbells… Great post Tina.
    Heartfelt haiku of course, endurance to achieve.
    Thank you for the serious and the bit with the finger is priceless.

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  2. The wisdom of your haiku is ageless. So many young women take for granted what their mothers and grandmothers fought so hard for. If they don’t take up cause, it may all be lost. Fabulous haiku! I think you should send it to some of the women in congress who have persisted!

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