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on adverbs and outrage

truly, madly, deeply … a song

truly, madly, deeply … a movie (with Alan Rickman!)

truly, madly, deeply … a partial list of adverbs to be avoided if you want to be a “real” writer (according to conventional “wisdom”)

truly, madly, deeply … a partial list of adverbs that inadequately qualify and/or modify how truly, madly, and deeply angry I am this week

truly, madly, deeply … #youknowme

truly, madly, deeply … a haiku

a song sung fiercely

truly madly deeply felt

demands to be heard

truly, madly, deeply …  WE WON’T GO BACK 

Many things inspired these random ramblings and specific outrages including Linda’s SoCS challenge to start my post with an adverb.

Not sure this is what she had in mind … but stream of conscience it is.


Image from breakingthroughtheglass.com/2018/02/02/feminism-types/

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