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Burning blue So hot I am almost translucent But I want to be … Unseen Impalpable Concealed Hidden from eyes that watch Obscured from those that see. Invisible Consumed Today's Writing Origin Story: Procrastinating from the work I am supposed to be doing, I turned to my Word Press Reader. No intentions of blog writing.… Continue reading Consumed

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Two Days BEFORE Dawn

Can we do it?! The Road Trip Triangle (as mentioned in previous post) had begun! Back to back: 613 miles and then 627 miles We shall see ... Day one began before dawn as we turned onto the highway--just a bit behind schedule-- at 6:08AM! Eleven hours later we arrived in Birmingham after enjoying one… Continue reading Two Days BEFORE Dawn

Flash Fiction

Unlock Her Heart

“To find what you seek, unlock the castle doors. Precious beyond words. But only words will open the way.” “Open sesame!” “Abracadabra” “Shazam” No luck. Jane’s heart was trapped behind those doors and they’d made it a game. But she was good at games. Think! Hours passed. Then she remembered. Gandalf! Say friend and enter!… Continue reading Unlock Her Heart