Haiku & Other Poetry, History, tutto e niente


longing for a mash

flirtation becomes romance

seduction as art


Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau, La Confidence, c. 1880, oil on canvas mounted on aluminum, 68 x 47 1/8 in. Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia. Original gift of Mr. George Seney to the Lucy Cobb Institute, Athens, GA. GMOA 00.67. Courtesy of American Federation of Arts.

As a women’s historian and an avid reader, I’ve always loved the 19th century use of this word. So thanks to Linda’s SoCS Challenge for the chance to use my FAVORITE slang definition of “mash.”

  • noun
    • a flirtation or infatuation.
    • a flirt; sweetheart; lover.
  • verb (used with object)
    • to flirt with; court the affections of.

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