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find new year’s hope by seeking revolution   rising from the ash Thanks to Ronovan Writes for the word inspiration (seek/find). And here's hoping for a new and better year--where people come together and create change. Let this be the year that sees him (and his enablers) gone! Peace.

Haiku & Other Poetry, My Random Thoughts and Misc Ramblings

the circle of change

belief sustains hope hope ignites radical change change nurtures belief I am trying to retain belief in our system. I hope that things aren't going to get much much worse before they get better. But I'm really really struggling with both. All hope seems lost. And I find myself believing that our system is too… Continue reading the circle of change

Haiku & Other Poetry, My Random Thoughts and Misc Ramblings

Change Reality: Rebel

Change as Metaphor ~ Rebellion as Simile ~ Reality Bites ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   We share this planet with 7.5 BILLION people. As only one person among those 7.5 billion, I sometimes feel like nothing I do matters. I wake up nearly every morning dreading the news. What new kind of insanity is taking us one… Continue reading Change Reality: Rebel