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Spinning Chaos

Rising wall of blue Chaos spins from his still eye Exodus denied Thanks to Susi at I Write Her for a great photo challenge. I live in Florida, so obviously Dorian has been on my mind for the last week. Feel free to interpret this piece as a statement on that bitch! Thankfully, we got off pretty… Continue reading Spinning Chaos

Haiku & Other Poetry

When the Moon Beckons

When the moon beckons Let yourself rise in the light Uninhibited Uninhibited Let yourself rise in the light When the moon beckons When the moon beckons Let yourself rise in the light Emancipated Not sure if this is any kind of actual poetic form or just three separate haiku strung together but I like it… Continue reading When the Moon Beckons

Haiku & Other Poetry

The Future is Female

tension escalates the battle is upon us as she rises up I've struggled this past week or so. No muse or no hope or no energy ... or all of the above. The world has got me down. But I'm determined to rise back up so thanks to Ronovan Writes for the word inspiration (friction and action… Continue reading The Future is Female