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Spinning Chaos

Rising wall of blue

Chaos spins from his still eye

Exodus denied


Thanks to Susi at I Write Her for a great photo challenge.

I live in Florida, so obviously Dorian has been on my mind for the last week. Feel free to interpret this piece as a statement on that bitch! Thankfully, we got off pretty lucky here, but the Bahamas were hit HARD. If you can, think about helping. They will need it. You can find links to some legit efforts at Bahama Relief .

But I also live in Trump’s America, so (for me at least) my words have another layer of meaning. Feel free to reinterpret them or guess my thoughts, if you’d like. That’s the beauty of poetry.

Plus, never forget he’s either just an idiot or a thin-skinned shallow narcissistic purposefully-uninformed idiot. #Dorian #nevergonnahitAlabama #doctoredphoto #nicesharpiejob

t_9b46a51260f3450bbe5aaa8435438a58_name_f7ac125e_cf35_11e9_a620_0a91656d7db6_scaled AP Photo from the Washington Post

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