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Fleeing the Vortex

falling water swirls her mind follows its heartbeat she flees the vortex I think of this haiku as a companion to the flash fiction piece I wrote for The Drabble. It's only 97 words so check it out here if you haven't read it. #foreveryes Neither of these pieces is meant to suggest or advocate suicide.… Continue reading Fleeing the Vortex

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a new day

a new day begins ~ unfurling a path to choose ~ hero or coward ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Every day we make a million little choices that define who we are. Those choices built on each other and create a picture of "self." It's tempting to assume at some point that our picture is done. We confidently… Continue reading a new day

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Inky Adventures & Scribbling Women

The phrase “Inky Adventures” reminds me of Nathanial Hawthorne’s famous 1855 diatribe on female writers: “America is now wholly given over to a damned mob of scribbling women, and I should have no chance of success while the public taste is occupied with their trash-and should be ashamed of myself if I did succeed.” Admittedly… Continue reading Inky Adventures & Scribbling Women

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This is Not a Haiku

Haikus Calm my Mind Structure and Form Soothe My Soul With the World Gone Mad   OK. I lied. That IS a haiku. But this post is not just a haiku. It’s about writing. Specifically it’s about how creating haikus is helping me practice self-care in a chaotic world. As a control-freak, I thrive on… Continue reading This is Not a Haiku

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Spontaneous Combustion: Making Myself Visible    

I submitted an essay for publication today. Not a big deal, right? I’m a writer. I’ve written all kinds of stuff over the years and some people have read some of my stuff. But still … when I clicked that deceptively benign submit button, a hot flash consumed my whole body. Not literally, of course.… Continue reading Spontaneous Combustion: Making Myself Visible    

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People of St Pete: Barbara Riddle Dvorak

I recently moved to St Pete with my wonderful partner and I absolutely love it here! The reasons why are numerous. St Pete has fabulous weather, beautiful vistas, a world-class food scene, and a thriving cultural atmosphere. But I've found that it’s truly the people that make it special, especially those people I see every… Continue reading People of St Pete: Barbara Riddle Dvorak