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Women: We Get Things Done

Between the sell/buy/move chaos and my current haiku obsession I’ve neglected to share links for some of the stuff I’ve been doing for my day-job. I may go back to some prior months in the days to come, but for today I’m going to stick to this month’s work, which (somewhat ironically) means I’m stepping back in time! I love it when I get to mix my passion for history with my magazine writing.

So … in honor of Women’s History Month I give you a couple of things I wrote that offer some tiny pieces of the grand female mosaic.

First, I take a closer look at one woman that made a BIG difference. Click here to read about Katherine Bell Tippetts

Then I widen my view a bit to look at some of the ways reforming women changed St Petersburg in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They may look genteel but they refused to be ignored! And remember, although this story about women as a powerful force for change may be specifically about St. Petersburg, it echoes the kinds of things women were doing all across the nation.


Photo: Women’s Town Improvement Association (WTIA) event c. 1910. Courtesy of the St. Petersburg Museum of History.

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