Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

A Fish

Swinging her legs over the cliff’s edge, she can’t deny that the view is spectacular. But even this vista reminds her that it’s hopeless. The blue sky was only temporary. Already it was fading into the flat gray water. Soon enough the sky will darken.

Night will fall.

The glow never lasts. The dice turn cold. The dealer goes on a hot streak. She goes all in and a pigeon gives her a bad beat on the river. Soon enough luck always fails. Down to the felt. Again. Nothing but a fish.

Night falls.

(WC 94)


Cliff Edge – Image by KL Caley

 As you might be able to tell from this sad little story, the world has me a bit down. Although I used to watch World Poker tournaments with my husband, I don’t gamble. I’m not sure why this piece emerged almost fully formed from my brain but here it is.

On a serious note, if you or someone you know needs help with gambling issues then visit: National Gambling Hotline & Resources

Thanks to all these wonderful writers and prompt providers for their inspiration today. Visit them for more writing and more details.

The photo and the challenge to write about the “cliff’s edge” was courtesy of #WritePhoto

Sammi’s Challenge was to use the word “glow” as an inspiration to write something in exactly 94 words.

Fandango’s FOWC prompt word was “hopeless.”

Linda’s SoCS Challenge was to be inspired by the word “luck.”

And last but not least, the WOTD was “spectacular.”

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