Haiku & Other Poetry, tutto e niente

Life Unfurls

Recently, I had the honor of being chosen by Elisa Ang as the Featured Writer for Pure Haiku’s  Unfurling theme. When Elisa explained why she chose me, she noted that

the writer expresses life’s journey–from the time it springs forth to the time it bids farewell in profoundly creative way…” 

I absolutely love that she got what I was trying to do! So one last thank you to Freya and Elisa and a new thank you to Colleen’s Poet’s Choice Challenge for providing me the opportunity to present the five haiku as the fluid set I imagined them to be. 


naïve, dawn springs forth

suckled by the morning dew

to create new life


ensnared by margins  

feral and tempestuous

verdant youth rebels 


patterns and fresh shapes

once green but now withering

nature’s grand design 


childhood memories

flutter like lace in a breeze  

setting my mind free


an echo repeats

revealing infinity

but still our time ends 




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