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What a great word. If we say something is buoyant, we could be saying it is light or possibly tough. It might be afloat or maybe flexible. If I’m buoyant, am I resistant, optimistic, or both?  Has this last year been a buoyant one? If you define it as tough, then yep. But carefree? Not so much!

But, weirdly, as I commemorate my birthday week, it seems the perfect word.

I am positively buoyant that my work is featured in The Sound of Brilliance. I’ve been a bit overworked, so I’m late to say THANK YOU to Susi Bocks and The Short of It for choosing me and for all her hard work getting the book published! I am truly afloat! You can also see a preview of my piece (and Susi’s hard work) in the Edge of Humanity Magazine.

I’m also buoyant after finding out this morning that a piece I submitted over one year ago (!) is being published in an upcoming issue of 50 Haikus: The Serious Poetry Journal with the Funny Name. I am feeling quite happy about it!

I feel remarkably buoyant after weathering this last year. I HAVE been tough and resistant. I’ve also been lucky to have friends and family that have helped keep me afloat (or should I say buoyant).

And I’m trying to feel buoyant about the unfolding days of my next year of life. We could all use some optimism!

So here’s to the light, resistant, tough, and hopefully happy tomorrows.

And of course, I must commemorate by day of birth with a haiku!

another year gone

and I may not be carefree

but still I’m buoyant

Thanks for the inspiration to Fandango’s FOWC BUOYANT and to Susi for being such a great supporter for my work.


13 thoughts on “Buoyant”

  1. You inspire me daily … through your words, how you interact with the world around you, how passionate you are about what you do, and the compassion you show for others, especially those who may be marginalized in some way.

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  2. And I give thanks to you and everyone who went on this journey with me! This has been a special, dear to my heart project and without you, it wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground. So, with hands on my heart, I thank you for being a part of it, Tina! ❤

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