Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Stranger Dreams

Bonnie woke the entire house, again. Screaming.

“NO!!! Help me MOMMY!!”

For the third night in a row, Lana tried to make sense of Bonnie’s sobbing words.

“The monster melts people!”

“It was only a bad dream sweetheart. Close your eyes. Mommy will stay till you go back to sleep.”

In the morning, Bonnie again claimed cluelessness. “Don’t remember mommy.”

It wasn’t until they got downtown and she started screaming “the flayer!!” that Ben confessed. “Uh mom, Bonnie accidentally kinda watched Stranger Things with us. That might kinda remind her of the Mind Flayer. Sorry”

hydro-dale                strangerthings2-finalposter-frontpage

Mental note: never let Ben babysit again.

Like many of you, I binge watched Stranger Things this week, so maybe that why this story came to mind when I saw Dale’s great photo (provided by Rochelle and her Friday Fictioners Challenge.)

Or maybe it’s because I am TERRIFIED of these dancing air sock things. ARRRGHHH!


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