Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Bad Decisions

God she was exhausted. The constant questions. The scrutiny. Knowing she was being judged. Constantly.  About every single thing.

Her friends had tried to warn her but she didn’t listen. “It’s not like I’m new at this this.” Her naïve arrogance dripping off her words. But California isn’t like New York they insisted.

Now she believed. Too late.

What it would feel like to escape it all? Just run. Dive in.  Sink. Just rest.

Free? Quiet?


“Ms. Emma? … Ms. EMMA!”

The kids weren’t even the worst. It was the parents. Private school teacher in Malibu. Worst decision ever.


Inspired by the beautiful photo prompt courtesy of Sandra Cook via Rochelle’s Friday Fictioners Challenge and by Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge. As a former teacher, the first thing I thought when I saw the word prompt “exhaustion” was teaching! Don’t get me wrong, I loved it BUT exhausted I often (always) was!

17 thoughts on “Bad Decisions”

  1. Tina, for some reason I didn’t scroll far enough to see what you had written under the photo, so I pondered for a few seconds on what could be going on here. Then I scrolled, and saw the answer. Oh yes, what she had chosen would be enough to drive one to consider death. At least there, one supposes, it would be quiet!

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  2. I remember one time I came home from teaching a pre-school class – it was a warm afternoon.
    I pulled up in my driveway, locked my car doors and put my drivers side seat back as far as it would go and took a nap!

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  3. Culture shock is real, and it does feel judgemental because the newbie doesn’t know the unwritten codes. Hopefully, Malibu will offer the character some common ground, or a ticket home!

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