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Inch Worm Angst

This week! I yi yi! No wonder today’s Just Jot January prompt reminded me of this commercial from my childhood for the
Inch Worm Toy

Granted I was probably out of the target age but I had the same reaction then as I do now.

You’re getting nowhere on that ridiculous thing. Get off that stupid worm and run! Or walk. Or skip. Or even jump up and down. You’d make just as much progress but at least you wouldn’t be breaking that dumb worm’s back.

An overreaction? Yes. But this week.

I yi yi!

I won’t bore y’all with details. But I feel like I’m stuck on that damn worm. Striding with all my might. Getting nowhere.

I know I will eventually move.

Maybe forward.

Maybe backwards.

But at least I’ll be moving.

Meanwhile my notorious tendency to be inpatient is reeking havoc on my mind and body.

Time to remind myself: “this too shall pass.”

Venting session complete.

Thanks for listening 😬

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot It January prompt. Today’s prompt, “inch,” was suggested by John Holden at The Sound of One Hand Typing.

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