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Behind the Blue Pane (in Two Parts)

I haven’t felt much like writing the last few days. Too much … too much sadness and badness and hopelessness. No doubt that’s why when I WAS inspired to write today, it’s a bit dark. Doubly dark. So it’s a two for one today: flash fiction AND a haiku.


It had always bugged me. That door. It wasn’t in the center! And that blue pane. It wasn’t in the center of the door! Day after day I passed by. Trying not to let it eat at my brain. Until I couldn’t take it anymore. Mother had told me (over and over and over again) that I was being obsessive. Then she’d nag me about my pills. I didn’t think she needed to know. I was on strike. No more pills for me. They made me docile. But without them, I could march up to that door. And demand to know! But now I stare at that blue pane from the other side. Hunger gnawing at my brain. And I wonder. Was it ever really off center? Or was it me?


words strike the blue pane

hunger gnawing at my brain

opening the void  

131 words FLASH FICTION written for FFfAW 

Photo Credit to Jade M. Wong

Further inspiration from  FOWC

And with RonovanWrites



15 thoughts on “Behind the Blue Pane (in Two Parts)”

  1. This is fantastic! I’m so glad you were inspired to write for this week’s prompt because I loved your take on it. Psychological thrillers are some of the best kind, in my opinion, and your story has the makings of it. I wonder if it is all in her head, and if the meds really are helping or not.

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