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Calling All Boots

Today’s prompt from FOWC inspired me (one could say it prompted me) to say a few words about the road trip that begins when my husband and I rise Thursday morning at the beautifully dark hour of 4:30AM and hit the road by 5:30.

“Where ya headed?”

Glad you asked. We are going north to escape the endless summer that has wrapped Florida in its deadly grip. We seek the Fall! Memories of cute boots and scarves and blue jeans and sweaters beckon.

“Come to me!!” They call.

“Wear me.” They tease.

“Wrap me.” They whisper.

I am tingling with excitement.

Oh and I get to see friends and family too. So it’s a win-win.

Of course this road trip includes a giant triangle of driving—South Florida to middle Illinois to Washington DC to south Florida—so it’s possible I’ll change my mind about the win-win. But for now I’ve got the pod casts downloaded and the play lists set.

Here we come autumn!

Updates to follow 🎃 but here’s a haiku to keep you warm till then. It’s not great but … BOOTS!!

As the moon falls low

We rise for a journey long

Seeking boots of fall

Thanks RonovanWrites

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