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Change Reality: Rebel

Change as Metaphor ~

Rebellion as Simile ~

Reality Bites ~



We share this planet with 7.5 BILLION people. As only one person among those 7.5 billion, I sometimes feel like nothing I do matters. I wake up nearly every morning dreading the news. What new kind of insanity is taking us one step closer to doom? And then I try to remind myself to take at least a small step forward. As one person, that one small step may not make an enormous difference. But add my small action to other people’s small actions and you might get a REVOLUTION. So don’t give up. Vote. Volunteer. Smile. Extend a hand. Educate. Become educated. Run for office. Run. Do yoga. Stand up. Kneel. Video. Write a letter. Make a call. Take a step. Make a difference.


sky earth galaxy universe
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thanks to Ronavan Writes for Writing Prompt

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