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Less Guns. Guns that Shoot Less.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been thinking a lot about guns lately.

Thinking and feeling impotent.

I want to believe we can do better. Find a path that leads to less.

Less blood. Less death. Less heartache. Less shame.

I’ve contacted my legislators. I’ve marched for Our Lives.

Surely, I hope, that will make a difference.

But I’ve also marched for women and Black Lives. I’ve stood up for Dreamers and trans* rights and Love is Love is Love (so bake the damn cake).

And those paths still seem cluttered with obstacles.

Actually, sometimes they feel like they’re turning to quicksand.

Sinking, sucking, suffocating hope.

But, still I’ve been thinking a lot about guns.

I wish for less guns and guns that shoot less (in case you weren’t sure what I’ve been thinking).

They say only “good guys” with guns can protect us so if I wish for less guns and guns that shoot less then I must want the “bad guys” to win. I must be a feminazi cop-hating communist fascist bitch who hates freedom and wants to rip up the Constitution.

And in some respects they are right. I can be a bitch.

The rest seems a bit hyperbolic.

I hate all things Nazi. Ditto for fascism. But I don’t hate all cops. I’ll plead guilty to thinking communism has SOME merits. But the US Constitution is a pretty damn good foundation to build (keep building) “a more perfect union” so I’m for amending not destroying. And that whole “good guy” with a gun thing—really? Are we in a 1940s gangster movie?

And I am a FEMINIST. No apologies for that.

But I’m also not entirely what “they” think I am.

One of my first jobs was working at a gun club. I’ve lived in houses with guns. I’ve fired guns. (I liked it. But it scared me too.) I’ve owned guns.

But, still I’ve been thinking a lot about guns.

Less guns. Guns that shoot less.

And wondering why the “good guys” don’t want the same? How are less guns and guns that shoot less bad?

I think that maybe they have can’t see the Forest for the Trees.

They are so focused on those damn trees, they can’t see the forest is burning. And they don’t understand that burning down the forest will also destroy the trees.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about saving the forest.

And less guns. And guns that shoot less.

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