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People of St Pete: Carl Williams

I love doing this pieces for Green Bench Monthly! They remind me how fantastic it is to LISTEN to a person’s story and not just hear someone’s voice. Listening not just hearing . It’s a great motto for life, not just interviews.

That motto came in handy the morning that Carl and I met to talk. It was so wet and foggy that my notebook paper quickly turned into a smeary soggy mess. So instead of just asking questions, we talked. I told him stories. Carl told me stories. And I felt like we got to a more interesting and “real” place then if I had just asked my planned questions. Lesson learned. Listen!

He’s an interesting guy. Check his story out at People of St Pete: Carl Williams

And full disclosure, it was too foggy to take a picture the day of the interview so I returned at a later date and we recruited a random stranger to snap a photo with my phone. Not the greatest shot, but ya take what you get when you flag a dude in the parking lot!

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