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Haiku to Pork: The Pig Abides

Yesterday was National Haiku Day. I missed it. Missing it sucks because I love a good haiku. I’m not saying that I write good haikus, but I do like to write them. Because it’s my blog, I get to do what I want so I’m giving myself a mulligan. I think that’s a thing, a mulligan, like a do-over. Right? So in honor of National Haiku Day, I give you…

“Haiku to Pork: The Pig Abides in Four Parts”


Sadly, A Day Late

But Love for the Pig Abides

So, Haiku to Pork


Pig in the Window

Ponders a life as bacon

Puts on a condom


Pig in the window

Contemplates possible paths

Picks life as a ham


The pig in the door

Disturbs the children at play

What’s for dinner? Pork.


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