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the monkey*

the monkey gazes adoringly at himself    as they kiss his ass Views are my own but thanks for the inspiration to Ronovan Writes and his challenge to use chimpanzee (which I subbed in monkey) and kiss in a haiku. *My apologies to actual monkeys, apes, chimps .... Cover Illustration by Tim O’Brien for TIME.

Haiku & Other Poetry, tutto e niente


disguised by deceit   as they race for the dollar unmoved by our pain Photo Illustration by Erik Carter Thanks to Ronovan Writes for today's haiku challenge. Our words were cloak (for which I substituted disguised) and race. The challenge inspired me but the opinions are my own. And my apologies to elephants everywhere. They are… Continue reading trampled

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The Tipi

Looky there! Do ya think someone’s sleeping in that wigwam thing? It’s not a wigwam. It’s a tipi. Tee Pee. Wig Wam. Pig Sty. Whatever. Don’t whatever me. They’re not the same thing. Wigwams are curved. And they’re hard to move. Who cares! I do! People are too casual with facts these days. There’s no… Continue reading The Tipi

Haiku & Other Poetry, Random Rants, tutto e niente

It’s Haiku Time Again!

Sometimes when my anger and frustration over the state of the world gets to me, I write haikus. They soothe me for some crazy reason. So here's my latest. Enjoy. Despair. Rage Against the machine. HAIKU TO THE END (IN THREE PARTS) Part One He, as a False King Dictates False Flag Bows to He… Continue reading It’s Haiku Time Again!