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about last night …

Smickering strangers: A prophesy for shame or     Arbitrary love? Thanks for the flirty inspiration to Fandango (arbitrary) and to Tales from the Mind (smicker)  And for those of you (like myself) that need to know, one of the the definitions of smicker is "to ogle and smile amorously." So go forth and SMICKER! You never know… Continue reading about last night …

Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Finding Fabio

Once, fame had been his drug. Now, those covers were nothing but an anathema. A reminder of his age. All he wanted was peace. But they always found him. Somehow. He took a deep breath. Tossed his hair. Smiled. Maybe just one photo he thought as the giggling middle-aged women approached. Late to the game… Continue reading Finding Fabio

Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

The Mistake

It was so white. How could that be? Her eyes searched the bed for telltale signs beyond the humps and wrinkles. But she could find nothing. The more she stared, the hazier it all became. Whitewashing her memory till she was convinced. It was just a dream. Not a terrible mistake. 280 characters Written for… Continue reading The Mistake