Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

2020 Strikes Again

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I had imagined this moment so many times.

Written stories. Blogged my theories. Argued with reddit idiots. Once I even tried to paint a picture.

And almost every night I dreamed about it. Beautiful dreams. Colors swirling. Humming anticipation. And me in the center of it all! Bathed in light. Me!

CHOSEN. Because I believed. Because I never lost the faith.

Instead, I’m watching from the sidelines as this drab gray lump tonelessly utters the most banal phrase possible: “Take me to your leader.

Ha! Joke’s on it.

2020 really is the worst!


Photo courtesy of https://sarahpotterwrites.com/

This photo instantly reminded me of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Add in the constant disappointments of 2020 and Fandango’s FOWC  (TRITE) for which I subbed in banal because I liked the way it sounds 😉 and you get this 100 word story for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioners Challenge. 

Please enjoy.

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