Random Rants, tutto e niente

Live and Learn

Fandango’s Provocative Question # 92:

Do you blog anonymously? Why or why not?

No. And here is why …

When I started on Word Press (about 2.5 years ago), my intentions for the site were straightforward. It was meant to be an extension of my professional life as an educator and author, so it made no sense to blog anonymously. Plus, I’m already “out there” so if people want to find me, they can. My only self-imposed rule was based on my sense of integrity. Essentially, if I wouldn’t say it “in real life” then I wouldn’t write about it.

Fast forward a bit and my original intentions have changed a bit. I kept forgetting to post or redirect people to my “work” stuff (mostly biographies, history pieces, and sponsored content). Mostly, however, I didn’t realize when I began that I would find so much enjoyment playing with the kinds of writing that I don’t do “in real life.” I’ve become obsessed with writing haiku and flash fiction. The challenge of conveying meaning with limited words is intoxicating.

Live and learn 

So … long story short, if I was to begin again I’d probably go incognito, simply to amplify the freedom to play.    

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