Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Welcome to the Neighborhood


Jessie tried (unsuccessfully) to keep her expression neutral, but the cottage was perfect! Exactly as advertised. Exposed brick. Plank floors. Fireplaces. A patio for morning coffee and afternoon wine.

“So what do you think?”

“It seems nice but …” She scrambled for some price-reducing flaws. “… but what’s with all the garlic?”

“Seller quirk. Easy fix. Let’s talk price.”


As Jessie watched the sun set from her newly garlic-free patio, she heard knocking. Finding a gorgeous—albeit very pale—man on her doorstep, she said “Yes” before he even finished asking.  

“Welcome neighbor. Invite me in for a drink?”


Thanks to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioners Challenge for the inspiration for this 100-word piece of Flash Fiction. Plus I got to use a photo of one of my fave vampires-Eric.

43 thoughts on “Welcome to the Neighborhood”

  1. Oh no! That’s why you should always pay attention to those little things when scoping out a new house. What are the neighbors like? Why all the garlic? Is it a safe place for kids? It’s important to know these things! Fun story.

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