Haiku & Other Poetry, tutto e niente

finding joy

a day without flaw

as we walk towards the storm

seizing the moment


I’ve no intention of ignoring the very real mess we’re in BUT I am trying to remember that I still have joy in my life. So in attempt number … (I’ve lost track!) I am choosing to recognize my happy places. Thanks for helping me commemorate those moments goes to Ronovan Writes haiku challenge (day / flaw) and to Restless Jo who shares my love for a good walk!

16 thoughts on “finding joy”

      1. I remember traveling. 🙁 Love it. Plus I’ve been fantasizing (again) about how we can move to Europe. Although at this point I’d be happy to leave my house for more than a deserted beach walk—as wonderful as that is.


      2. The state is governed by an idiot so the state is not in lockdown but St Pete has much stricter mandates which actually is good because florida has terrible numbers. 150 -200 dead every day. Bad.


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