Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Someday I’ll Get There

“Someday I’ll get there.” No one could hear her, but she screamed the words. Trying to drown out the cynical voice in her head.

But that voice always echoed louder: “You’re making a fool of yourself. Just stop. Stop painting. Stop running. Just stop.”

She knew that voice was right. Everyone was gone. Not hiding out in Atlanta. Not waiting for her. Gone. All of them.  

Still … she almost had captured his essence. She just needed to finish before she forgot his face. A few more strokes. That’s all. She couldn’t stop. Not now.  

“Someday I’ll get there.”


This 99 word bit of optimistic delusion was inspired by Rochelle’s Friday Fictioners Challenge (photo credit to her as well) with a cynical boost from Fandango’s FOWC and a great opening line from Putting My Feet in the Dirt.

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