Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Up Up & Away

Five hundred bucks! You can’t spend that much money on a balloon! It’s crazy.”  

It’s our anniversary babe. No expense spared. Plus I had some money put back. Don’t worry. We’re golden.” It had only been a month but she’d see. It would be perfect! Then she’d say yes. We’d be together forever. I was sure of it. Ignoring the look in her eyes, I stroked the velvet box in my pocket and imagined our future. Her words barely penetrated my reverie.

We need to talk. I’m sorry … I can’t …. Maybe you can still get your money back.”  


PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio

Thanks to Rochelle for her fabulous Friday Fictioners challenge and to Kristian for the WOTD-golden.

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