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his first barber

boy sitting trimmed by man holding scissor
Photo by Thgusstavo Santana on Pexels.com

no more comic books

or picturing his first shave

no more sneaking drinks

or pretending not to hear

two ten main street is no more


Thanks to Fandango for the thought-provoking photo. It reminded me of the sad Covid-19 reality that some things may never come back. Not sure why my mind went to barbershops, but … it did. So here’s my story that’s also a poem or poem that’s also a story? You get the idea!

Stay safe! Where a mask. Be a kind human person. We’re all going thought something.

8 thoughts on “his first barber”

  1. Oh yes, many day-to-day utility shops are now shut not only to the customers but also to the new stories that develop there. Its sad. Though it will take time, life will resume, once again with a new normal.
    Poignant take on prompt.

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