Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

after now

The view looked like some kind of soulless painting. Beautiful but no signs of life. She used to know the names for artistic stuff like that. Photorealistic, maybe? Hell. It was all apocalyptic now. Unexpectedly, tears blurred her vision. She thought her grief had run its course but seeing those empty chairs. So expectant. So normal. Just waiting for someone with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Closing her eyes, she shut down those thoughts. She was rooftop for recon. Not useless nostalgia. Before was done. It’s after now.


PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Thanks for the inspiration. Visit Rochelle’s Friday Fictioner for details about joining in the fun. Plus while you’re there, you can read lots of wonderful stories.

28 thoughts on “after now”

  1. This is the most realistic apocalyptic flash fiction that I’ve read, I think. Clever of you to leave your MC nameless. She’s Everywoman in that situation; feeling the emotion but implacable in surviving and protecting her family if she has one. I hope she finds what she needs to survive.

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