Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Whatever Gets You Through the Night. It’s Alright.

Frustrated, Jane muted the tv and glared at her roommates.

Returning Jane’s glare, Peter lit up a joint and took a deep hit before blowing the smoke directly into her face.

“Damn it! Pete. You know I’ve got a Zoom meeting.”

“Not my problem. Shield your face. Wear one of those damn masks you keep sewing.”

Ignoring Pete, she returned to the muted tv. But watching the orange faced idiot gesticulate wildly just made it worse. Feeling the rage building, she closed her eyes and surrendered. Humming “whatever gets you through the night” she whispered, “Pass me that joint.”

selective focus photography of man lighting cigarette
Photo by Kam Pratt on Pexels.com

Thanks to Linda for giving us the word “joint” for her SoCS challenge.

PSA: I live in a weed-legal state so I’m not advocating breaking the law! 😉

Combining joint with the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction challenge to write a story about telling someone to “shield your face” resulted in this (thinly veiled) comment on our times. It basically popped into my head almost fully formed, so I only had to delete a couple of words to get it down to the required 99 words. (Meaning, I feel like I also adhered to the spirit of the SoCS rules.) Check out each of their sites for more info and more writing.

Plus thanks for making me think of this fabulous Lennon tune.

Whatever Gets You Through the Night


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