Haiku & Other Poetry, tutto e niente

red is the color of passion

yearning for passion 

pouting petals come alive

lips red with desire 


Photo is of “Red Canna” by Georgia O’Keeffe

After yesterday’s dark contribution (red decay) I thought I’d offer a slightly less depressing piece. Visit dVerse Poets for details about their Seeing Red Challenge and to read other great pieces.

Thanks to Putting My Feet in the Dirt for giving me the perfect prompt (pouting petals) for this second chance.

13 thoughts on “red is the color of passion”

  1. You put those pouting petals to good use. I was reminded of Georgia O’Keeffe. And then I googled her, and realised why! And then I read your notes. So, anyhow, you obviously did a great job on capturing the soul of her painting, as it struck me straight away!

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  2. Haikus are tricky sometimes. There aren’t many syllables to work with, so it’s often hard to express vivid emotions. But you absolutely mailed that here in this one. Love it! ❤️

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