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living love (for The Short of It)

One of my favorite Word Pressers (not sure if that’s a legit phrase, but I like it!) has started a new venture called The Short of It. It’s a wonderfully generous site where she gathers and publishes short-form prose and poetry. 

In her words:

My goals are to find those poets and writers who have something big to say in as little words as possible. Those who can touch someone’s heart in a meaningful way by leaving the reader saying wow, feeling an epiphany or just loudly internally screaming YES! The hope is to turn those memorable pieces into an annual anthology. I’d like to leave readers feeling we may think small but we are mighty wordsmiths!

So join me by participating in this new venture or help me find those poets out there who have much to say, and offer it in a way which is, as they say – “short, sweet and to the point.” 

I’m in awe of anyone who is determined to put themselves out there to showcase their thoughts and feelings on any subject. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of this with me!

I am honored that she chose some of my work for the site, so please read (and share if you’d like) my piece entitled “living love” for The Short of It at I Write Her. 


Plus you can find submission rules and more info at The Short of It



5 thoughts on “living love (for The Short of It)”

  1. Although I might sometimes tell you in person I thought it appropriate for me to comment publicly. I love reading your stories. I wish you would extend some into essay form (ala Sara Vowell, David Sedaris). Your sense of humor and take in life is refreshing.

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